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Aerial Exploration: Frankfurt and Paris

Landing in Frankfurt

I had a one week trip to Europe at the end of October, but since I flew mostly at night my opportunities for interesting pictures from my window seat were limited. Tell someone that they’re going to fly to Denmark, Prague, Munich and Paris for a week and they will think they’re heading off on a wonderful vacation. Then tell them that each day they have to give a different presentation to a different audience and spend each evening flying to the next city and the next hotel. Now the trip starts Read more […]Share this:FacebookEmailPrint

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Truth In Advertising: Cola Slogans

Sugary caffeinated goodness (that is oh so bad for you!)

Here’s a marketing challenge for you: If you had to come up with a truthful slogan for Cola — say Coca-Cola or Pepsi Cola — what would it be? I have a long history with soda. I loved to drink it growing up. Orange Crush was a favorite and I didn’t mind the generic versions my parents would bring home. Grape, Orange, Black Cherry? Great! As I got older, I settled in with Coca-Cola. It was also my older sister’s favorite and when I lived in Atlanta it was the hometown drink. Pepsi became a Read more […]Share this:FacebookEmailPrint

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Kid Games: Guess the Animal!


Guess the Animal is a nice ‘time killing’ guessing game to play with your pre-school and grade school aged kids. It really comes in handy when you’re stuck somewhere and have to keep the little ones mentally occupied. I came up with Guess the Animal while sitting in an emergency room for three hours with an injured 3-year-old and a bored 5-year-old. My sons and I were enjoying a Sunday morning at Happy Hollow in San Jose when Alex, then three, got bumped into the concrete wall of the maze by a Read more […]Share this:FacebookEmailPrint

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Aerial Exploration: SFO to DFW

Lake Powell, UT

I love to travel and to explore new places. Thanks to my job I get to travel on average about once a month. The best part of business travel is the company picks up the airfare and the hotels. The downside of business travel is that for the most part, all I see are hotels and airports in the big cities that I’m visiting and I usually have a very full itinerary. It’s rare that I am able to take the time to get away from the hustle and bustle of the cities and see the country. When Read more […]Share this:FacebookEmailPrint

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Welcome to my new blog

Welcome to my ‘new and improved’ website — 2.0. I got this URL ( after moving from Atlanta to Silicon Valley for a job promotion. I wrote a daily web update as my sister and I drove from New York to San Jose. My intention for the site was to keep family and friends that I left on the East Coast updated on my activities out West. I was only supposed to be in California for a year. Which turned into two. Which turned into a lifetime commitment when I met Read more […]Share this:FacebookEmailPrint

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