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Aerial Exploration: JFK to LAX


I traveled to Europe for a week but with clouds everywhere and a lot of night flying I had no aerial photos to show for the trip. If I hadn’t made the mistake of connecting through New York’s JFK, I wouldn’t have a blog entry for this trip. It’s never good when you are traveling toward New York City and thanks to horribly overcast conditions end up in Boston to get more fuel. By the time I reached New York, my connection was long gone. Unlike Lufthansa two months earlier, America Airlines Read more […]Share this:FacebookEmailPrint

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Nonsensical Blog Comments

When I started writing this blog, my plan was to build up some content before sharing the link with anyone. I was surprised to see comments start to roll in almost immediately. My ‘instant fans’ were in fact instant ‘spam.’ Comment spam is a common occurrence in blogs with spammers attempting to push out as many links to their products/services as possible. WordPress, the software I chose to power my blog, has some built-in spam protection, but I wasn’t taking full advantage of that protection. Read more […]Share this:FacebookEmailPrint

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