Bucket List: International Travel

When I was single and had only just started traveling internationally, I made this list of “20 Things to Do In the World before I Die” with the help of a friend. I feel privileged to have checked off even a few of the items on the list. As for the others, it’s still exciting to dream of future travels to exotic places. What would you add to the list — either as a future wish or past memory?

  1. Watch the sunset from the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.
  2. Drink Vodka with a Russian in Moscow. Talk about politics.
  3. Drink huge beers with German’s at Oktoberfest in Munich
  4. Hike the Great Wall in China
  5. Run with the bulls in Pamplona (or be smart and watch safely from the sidelines)
  6. Ride a camel to the Pyramids in Egypt
  7. Ride an Elephant in Thailand or Africa
  8. Photograph an African Safari
  9. Scuba dive at the Great Barrier Reef (or hike in the Outback to Ayers Rock for non-swimmers)
  10. Go to Rio for Carnival
  11. Visit Ahkar Wat / Cambodia
  12. See the Taj Mahal by Moonlight
  13. Bird watch on Galapagos Island
  14. Stay in an Ice Hotel in Norway or Sweden
  15. Ride in a Gondola in Venice
  16. Japan: Climb Mt. Fuji (afterwards Karaoke with drunken Japanese businessman)
  17. Pass through the Panama Canal on Tramp Steamer
  18. See crocodiles on the Amazon river
  19. Visit penguins in Antarctica
  20. Travel to any foreign country to see a total eclipse of the sun


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