Marketing Disney Princesses to Boys

Or "Why Disney was smart to choose the name 'Tangled' instead of 'Rapunzel.'" I love going to the movies and I couldn't wait until my sons were old enough (somewhere around the age of four) to join me. While this limited my choices to animated movies, my sons and I happily headed off to every major animated release the studios could crank out. Bolt? Shrek the Third? Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa? Yes, please! Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs? Wouldn't miss it! Ratatouille? WallE? Up?  Pixar Read more [...]
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Emotional Seatbelt PSA

I found this public service video on a best of 2010 list. Wow. Powerful and speaks for itself. There's probably no better way to market something than to really connect with someone's emotions. This is emotional marketing for all the right reasons and done extremely well. It was createdin the UK for the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership. More information on the video can be found at Read more [...]
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Aerial Exploration: SJC to PHX

I was flying back east for work at the end of November and connected through Pheonix (the old Northwest hub) on USAirways. I hadn't remembered that it was Northwest Airlines that had bought out USAirways. A flight attendant told me that they kept the USAirways name because it already had some recognition in Europe. Anyway, I had so many interesting shots out the window on this trip -- interesting to me at least -- that I had a hard time narrowing down which ones to include. There is something Read more [...]
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Aerial Exploration: PHL to ELM (and back)

Flying home to Watkins Glen, NY in October for an unfortunate event, but I was able to enjoy some interesting views along the way as I flew from Philadelphia to Elmira, NY and back to my connection in Philly. Krumsville, Berks County, Pennsylvania Wikipedia Google Maps I love the waving fields in the image. It took me a little while to figure out where this was in my flight from Philadelphia, PA to Elmira, NY. Apparently, it's the small unincorporated town of Krumsville in rural Pennsylvania. Read more [...]
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Aaron Koblin’s “Flight Patterns”

As both an engineer and an author, I'm fascinated by any combination of technology and creativity. Take a few minutes to look at the image above. Can you guess what you're looking at? Unless the title gave it away or you've seen a similar image before, I suspect you'd have a hard time guessing that the image represents the flight patterns of airplanes over the southwestern United States. Reading through the December 2010 Esquire on a flight to France, I came across a similar image in an article Read more [...]
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Aerial Exploration: Frankfurt and Paris

I had a one week trip to Europe at the end of October, but since I flew mostly at night my opportunities for interesting pictures from my window seat were limited. Tell someone that they're going to fly to Denmark, Prague, Munich and Paris for a week and they will think they're heading off on a wonderful vacation. Then tell them that each day they have to give a different presentation to a different audience and spend each evening flying to the next city and the next hotel. Now the trip starts Read more [...]
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Truth In Advertising: Cola Slogans

Here's a marketing challenge for you: If you had to come up with a truthful slogan for Cola -- say Coca-Cola or Pepsi Cola -- what would it be? I have a long history with soda. I loved to drink it growing up. Orange Crush was a favorite and I didn't mind the generic versions my parents would bring home. Grape, Orange, Black Cherry? Great! As I got older, I settled in with Coca-Cola. It was also my older sister's favorite and when I lived in Atlanta it was the hometown drink. Pepsi became a Read more [...]
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Kid Games: Guess the Animal!

Guess the Animal is a nice 'time killing' guessing game to play with your pre-school and grade school aged kids. It really comes in handy when you're stuck somewhere and have to keep the little ones mentally occupied. I came up with Guess the Animal while sitting in an emergency room for three hours with an injured 3-year-old and a bored 5-year-old. My sons and I were enjoying a Sunday morning at Happy Hollow in San Jose when Alex, then three, got bumped into the concrete wall of the maze by a Read more [...]
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Aerial Exploration: SFO to DFW

I love to travel and to explore new places. Thanks to my job I get to travel on average about once a month. The best part of business travel is the company picks up the airfare and the hotels. The downside of business travel is that for the most part, all I see are hotels and airports in the big cities that I'm visiting and I usually have a very full itinerary. It's rare that I am able to take the time to get away from the hustle and bustle of the cities and see the country. When Read more [...]
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Welcome to my new blog

Welcome to my 'new and improved' website -- 2.0. I got this URL ( after moving from Atlanta to Silicon Valley for a job promotion. I wrote a daily web update as my sister and I drove from New York to San Jose. My intention for the site was to keep family and friends that I left on the East Coast updated on my activities out West. I was only supposed to be in California for a year. Which turned into two. Which turned into a lifetime commitment when I met Read more [...]
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