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Aerial Exploration: Toronto to San Francisco

Crystal Lake, Michigan

After spending a few days in Montreal in early 2011, I connected through Toronto on my way back home to California. For once, I had a good window seat and the center of the country was not covered with clouds. We flew over the Great Lakes — Michigan and Superior — and then southwest toward San Francisco. Because we flew west into the sun, I had enough daylight to take pictures from start to finish. If you click on the photo to the right, you can see Toronto’s most prominent features — Read more […]Share this:FacebookEmailPrint

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Aerial Exploration: LAX to SFO


Flew from LAX to SFO (almost a year ago now). Even though I was on the wrong side of the plane —  always better to be on the side opposite the sun and not staring into it — the images came out pretty good with a little help from Photoshop. Channel Islands of California Google Maps Wikipedia The Channel Islands are located just off the cost of southern California and consist of eight islands: Anacapa, Santa Cruz, Santa Rose, San Miguel, Santa Barbara, San Nicolas, Santa Catalina and San Read more […]Share this:FacebookEmailPrint

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Aerial Exploration: JFK to LAX


I traveled to Europe for a week but with clouds everywhere and a lot of night flying I had no aerial photos to show for the trip. If I hadn’t made the mistake of connecting through New York’s JFK, I wouldn’t have a blog entry for this trip. It’s never good when you are traveling toward New York City and thanks to horribly overcast conditions end up in Boston to get more fuel. By the time I reached New York, my connection was long gone. Unlike Lufthansa two months earlier, America Airlines Read more […]Share this:FacebookEmailPrint

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Aerial Exploration: Zurich to SFO


Another European trip. Five countries in five days which is a little more exciting in the winter. Not the good exciting. More of a Russian roulette with weather delays serving as the bullets. SFO to Lyon, France to Munich, Germany to Budapest, Hungary to Florence, Italy. My luck ran out on the way to Dusseldorf when I got stuck in Frankfurt due to weather. Got to love Lufthansa though. It was a weather delay, but they put everyone up in hotels, paid for my taxi and gave me a food voucher. U.S.-based Read more […]Share this:FacebookEmailPrint

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Aerial Exploration: SJC to PHX

Fields Near Pheonix

I was flying back east for work at the end of November and connected through Pheonix (the old Northwest hub) on USAirways. I hadn’t remembered that it was Northwest Airlines that had bought out USAirways. A flight attendant told me that they kept the USAirways name because it already had some recognition in Europe. Anyway, I had so many interesting shots out the window on this trip — interesting to me at least — that I had a hard time narrowing down which ones to include. There is something Read more […]Share this:FacebookEmailPrint

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Aerial Exploration: PHL to ELM (and back)


Flying home to Watkins Glen, NY in October for an unfortunate event, but I was able to enjoy some interesting views along the way as I flew from Philadelphia to Elmira, NY and back to my connection in Philly. Krumsville, Berks County, Pennsylvania Wikipedia Google Maps I love the waving fields in the image. It took me a little while to figure out where this was in my flight from Philadelphia, PA to Elmira, NY. Apparently, it’s the small unincorporated town of Krumsville in rural Pennsylvania. Read more […]Share this:FacebookEmailPrint

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Aerial Exploration: Frankfurt and Paris

Landing in Frankfurt

I had a one week trip to Europe at the end of October, but since I flew mostly at night my opportunities for interesting pictures from my window seat were limited. Tell someone that they’re going to fly to Denmark, Prague, Munich and Paris for a week and they will think they’re heading off on a wonderful vacation. Then tell them that each day they have to give a different presentation to a different audience and spend each evening flying to the next city and the next hotel. Now the trip starts Read more […]Share this:FacebookEmailPrint

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Aerial Exploration: SFO to DFW

Lake Powell, UT

I love to travel and to explore new places. Thanks to my job I get to travel on average about once a month. The best part of business travel is the company picks up the airfare and the hotels. The downside of business travel is that for the most part, all I see are hotels and airports in the big cities that I’m visiting and I usually have a very full itinerary. It’s rare that I am able to take the time to get away from the hustle and bustle of the cities and see the country. When Read more […]Share this:FacebookEmailPrint

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