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Bucket List: International Travel

Eiffel Tower Sunset

When I was single and had only just started traveling internationally, I made this list of “20 Things to Do In the World before I Die” with the help of a friend. I feel privileged to have checked off even a few of the items on the list. As for the others, it’s still exciting to dream of future travels to exotic places. What would you add to the list — either as a future wish or past memory? Watch the sunset from the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Drink Vodka with a Russian in Moscow. Read more […]Share this:FacebookEmailPrint

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Bucket List: 20 Must See Sights in the USA

View from Empire State Building 2010

America is a big country with many beautiful things to see. Every American has a preference for their favorite locations  — but if you met someone from a foreign country and they asked you what 20 sights are “must see” in the United States, what would be on your list? Below is my list. It also serves nicely as a ‘bucket list’ of USA destinations to visit in your lifetime. What did I forget? Leave me a comment and let me know. New York City. See the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Read more […]Share this:FacebookEmailPrint

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