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Bucket List: International Travel

Eiffel Tower Sunset

When I was single and had only just started traveling internationally, I made this list of “20 Things to Do In the World before I Die” with the help of a friend. I feel privileged to have checked off even a few of the items on the list. As for the others, it’s still exciting to dream of future travels to exotic places. What would you add to the list — either as a future wish or past memory? Watch the sunset from the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Drink Vodka with a Russian in Moscow. Read more […]Share this:FacebookEmailPrint

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Aaron Koblin’s “Flight Patterns”

As both an engineer and an author, I’m fascinated by any combination of technology and creativity. Take a few minutes to look at the image above. Can you guess what you’re looking at? Unless the title gave it away or you’ve seen a similar image before, I suspect you’d have a hard time guessing that the image represents the flight patterns of airplanes over the southwestern United States. Reading through the December 2010 Esquire on a flight to France, I came across a similar image in an article Read more […]Share this:FacebookEmailPrint

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